Tobiuo (Flying Fish)

Flying fish is one of the main species captured in the central region of Vietnam. It usually gives a surimi of medium gel strength with a low whiteness.

Ngoc Tuan Surimi has developed a special technology to process tobiuo surimi that allows through multiple washing and segmentation of the refiner output to obtain a high quality surimi of improved gel strength and whiteness. These characteristics and its competitive price makes it a valuable resource for surimi seafood processors looking for affordable high gel surimi.

Aji (Horse mackerel, Scad)

Horse mackerel or Scad is caught along the central and northern coast of Vietnam during the months of June to September. This fish was not much used for processing surimi until Ngoc Tuan Surimi established its factory in Quang Tri taking advantage of an experience over 10 years in processing aji surimi in Chile through decanter technology. Aji surimi has a quality very similar to flying fish (medium to high gel strength, medium whiteness) and is used for fried products or mixed with whiter species.

Renkodai (Sea Bream)

Sea Bream is caught in the north of Vietnam during the months of June to September. While being less popular than itoyori, renkodai surimi is a high quality surimi with good gel strength and high whiteness.

Unfortunately the volume of catch has much decreased in the recent years.

Itoyori Mix, Eso Mix, Mix Fish Surimi

The by-catch of coastal trawling (small size fish such as threadfin bream, lizard fish, ribbon fish, croaker) maybe mixed with flying fish or scad to process Itoyori Mix and Mix Fish Surimi. This is a small production volume at Ngoc Tuan Surimi.

Surimi Specifications