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Ngoc Tuan Surimi, formerly know as “Vietnam Surimi”, was acquired in September 2015 by T.I.G.E.R Limited, a group specialized in surimi trading, technology & production, after a period of cooperation with its former owner.

From 2015 to 2020, the group invested around 4 million dollars in this operation, to reach a production capacity of 100 MT per day using “state of art” machinery and innovations developed by Surimi Tech, the technology company of the group, with the goal to improve the products quality, maximize the conversion yield and minimize the impact on environment.

Improving the product whiteness while reducing the water consumption through cascade washing of the meat, reducing the release of organic material in the effluent while maximizing the processing yield through microfiltration and protein flocculation, energy saving through the use of heat exchangers are some of the innovations first applied by Ngoc Tuan Surimi and later commercialized by Surimi Tech in the Tropical Fish Surimi Industry through South-East Asia.

Through innovation in technology, Ngoc Tuan Surimi has developed a specialty to become a market leader for high grade flying fish and horse mackerel surimi through South-East Asia, China Europe, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Our “company motto” is customer satisfaction through quality and service.

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May 2015

10,000 MT / year

3 in 1


Tobiuo (Flying Fish)
Itoyori (Threadfin Bream)
Hirekodai (Sea Bream)

HACCP (Nafiqad)


Western / Eastern Europe
South East Asia


Pascal GUENNEUGUES, Ph. D. in Chemical and Food Engineering, has over 25 years experience in the surimi industry.