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Ngoc Tuan Surimi was formerly known as “Vietnam Surimi” factory, was latterly acquired by Mr. Pascal GUENNEUGUES with a total investment of nearly 4,000,000 US Dollars.

In May 2015, after a period of time of technical upgrading, NTS officially started processing tropical surimi with a maximum capacity 2500MT/year.

After only 1 year of operation with many improvements in technical machinery, the capacity of NTS increased significantly from 2500 to 4000MT/year.

In 2019 the capacity of the factory reached 10,000MT/year with 03 processing lines with modern surimi machinery. NTS have been exported to Europe, Russia, South East Asia and China.

NTS’s first priority are quality and the long-term relationship with customers. NTS would like to co-operate with seafood processing partners in Vietnam and around the World.




Tobiuo (Flying Fish)

A specialty of the Middle region of Vietnam. Tobiuo’s advantages are its high gel strength and affordable prices, since they are not made for high whiteness. They are available in great quantity and year-round make it valuable for customer who need low – medium whiteness and high volume Surimi.

Itoyori (Threadfin Bream)

The most sought-after Surimi type in term of texture, whiteness and taste. With a high ratio of threadfin bream, this product line has the best microbial score, the least impurity, a delicious taste and neutral smell, perfect ingredients for imitation products and available year-round

Hirekodai (Sea Bream)

A very high quality surimi from Sea Bream from the North, that is also more economic than Itoyori. This Surimi offer excellent gel strength, elasticity and whiteness, often available in the middle of the year.


Mackerel is a seasonal fish in the middle region of Vietnam consist largely of jack mackerel and horse mackerel. They are high in protein and can reach gel up to 1000 points. Mackerel is high gel strength and affordable price materials for surimi that can be used exclusively for high grade – medium whiteness or in Mix surimi.

Mamakari (Sardine)

Sardine is material for Mamakari surimi which requires specific equipment to process efficiently. Mamakari is advantageous for its low cost and middle to high gel strength and being available almost year-round in adequate quantity. This fish can be mixed with other types to remedy its lower color and be more prices competitive.



Pascal GUENNEUGUES, Ph. D. in Chemical and Food Engineering, has over 25 years experience in the surimi industry.